At Achieve Land and Crop Sciences we take pride in our ability to understand the science required to investigate agriculture. We have adopted a systematic approach of collecting data relevant to discovering what variables are impacting our crops. We are excited to deliver our Soil sampling and Analysis to all of the producers in the area.

Highly professional recommendations can be made with our accurate composite/ bench mark soil sampling process. We can generate specific fertilizer blends that can be made for your specific needs with the help of soil fertility analysis. Our in house analysis can generated and display the fertility of a specific field over time. This is a beneficial tool that will provide accurate information of what is happening in your fields.


Signing up for our Soil Sampling and Analysis is the first step in producing a more profitable crop. This step is the beginning of creating a positive growing season for farm business. We start with collecting representative and accurate soil samples from the grower’s field. Using data collection, we record all available data and summarize it into a more working and understanding language for better convenience for the grower. The goal is to provide sound assessments through collection of accurate data.


The data that we collect from the soil sample is sent away to the lab (A&L Labs) to have analysis done. The results from the lab analysis are sent back to us. We use this information and put it into our fertilizer report. This report shows the grower the needs and the requirements of the soil and crop. The report gives an accurate recommendations and crop requirements for a target yield. Our fertilizer analysis report converts the labs ppm readings and puts them into pounds per acre, to make it more beneficial for the grower. Our Soil Sampling and Analysis is beneficial and efficient in giving the grower the information they need to start their growing season off right and down the path to making them more profitable.


  • Soil Sample
  • Georeference (for future reference)
  • Complete Analysis
  • Fertility Recommendation

Geoferrence by Sirrus
Soil Analysis done by A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.


This simple slogan is how SST serves the farming industry. For over 20 years, we have provided decision support tools that help farmers efficiently and profitably run their businesses. Founded by farmers for farmers, we have enhanced cultivation practices through the development of enterprise level agriculture software. This software assists industry leaders in providing top quality precision ag services. Today, our system manages site-specific data for approximately 100 million acres spanning 23 countries. Within our site, you will find solutions for every level of precision farming—from our legacy software to our agX offerings that provide back-end infrastructure and services for your organization’s custom applications. Together, we look forward to helping feed the world.

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An important factor affecting crop quality and yield is the nutrient status of the plant. The flow and uptake of nutrients to the plant tissue during the growing season typically go undetected in the plant until they become so severe that visual symptoms appear on the plant. The goal of a plant tissue analysis is to accurately diagnose any problems in time to correct them in the current crop or before the next crop in the rotation.

Tissue Analysis done by A&L Canada Laboratories Inc.

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